Tuesday, August 16, 2016


i was inspired to create an instagram account for sharing anything i see with my eyes and then capture it through my phone to share it with other people in the world due to one fateful event of my life. i am a very private person. so sharing my life that publicly will not gonna work for me. few weeks before i created it, for public, i was attacked with some kind of depression. as much as i wanted to share with someone, i couldn't. at some point, i just gave some hints to a faraway friend of what i generally felt in a general way through whatsapp. that is as close as i can, to talk about it. so looking for a healing, to feel some sense of purpose, i decided to create an instagram, more like a pop-up in my head of what i'm gonna do with my life next, it does somehow help me.

the feeling and excitement when the first pic you upload and there is one LIKE of first ever, then another photo and 2 LIKES, when you hit 14 LIKES on your fifth photo, it does put smile on your face. then you have a dream to have one day a FOLLOWER, and before you know it, u have. and it only has been for 2 weeks. And never did i think that so soon i have the very first FOLLOWER :)  i didn't know that i would be happy like this. it helps.

life is not always on happy lane, some smooth some rough some tougher or even stagnant.  i just hope that i have something to look forward to, and never think that i would venture into this trend. not sure this venture would ever last...but right now.. it lives.

1aug 2016 - 14 august 2016


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