Tuesday, August 16, 2016


i was inspired to create an instagram account for sharing anything i see with my eyes and then capture it through my phone to share it with other people in the world due to one fateful event of my life. i am a very private person. so sharing my life that publicly will not gonna work for me. few weeks before i created it, for public, i was attacked with some kind of depression. as much as i wanted to share with someone, i couldn't. at some point, i just gave some hints to a faraway friend of what i generally felt in a general way through whatsapp. that is as close as i can, to talk about it. so looking for a healing, to feel some sense of purpose, i decided to create an instagram, more like a pop-up in my head of what i'm gonna do with my life next, it does somehow help me.

the feeling and excitement when the first pic you upload and there is one LIKE of first ever, then another photo and 2 LIKES, when you hit 14 LIKES on your fifth photo, it does put smile on your face. then you have a dream to have one day a FOLLOWER, and before you know it, u have. and it only has been for 2 weeks. And never did i think that so soon i have the very first FOLLOWER :)  i didn't know that i would be happy like this. it helps.

life is not always on happy lane, some smooth some rough some tougher or even stagnant.  i just hope that i have something to look forward to, and never think that i would venture into this trend. not sure this venture would ever last...but right now.. it lives.

1aug 2016 - 14 august 2016

Saturday, January 23, 2016

hutan gasing

today, my first ever experience, though living close to it for many many years.. not into hiking... but orang kate, at least rasalah sekali. so i did it.. willingly.. not bad.. an hour in the woods, ingat nak half hour je but the signage are not many to be seen. i asked other hikers to confirm the path, make sure we were not lost. since i havent exercise for nearly a year ;p it was great sweat but the climax was not the hiking, it was actually after that.. the rewards of empty stomach. we had breakfast at raju.

surprisingly, terdetik to do second time though may not be in near time :)
did it again in august for second time. i think i'll do it again and again :)

simple memory

a day off - 12 jan 2016
met 2 friends that i havent met for at least 2 years... really great chit chat with anis and fairuz at bubba gump.
then did pedi medi. a treat for myself. shopping... :)
that night, siti belanja me makan too

saturday - 16 jan 2016, dinner with a rodah n a wat. then lepak rumah cik totah hehe

Friday, January 1, 2016

the man from uncle

movie ni mmg screenplay and cinematography dia something refreshing. tak sangka mula2 but i know is a good movie. masa tengok, rupanya, it is better than expectation. so lagilah layann. kalu ade sequels, definitely wanna watch.

2015 : 31 Dec

eve of new year - bowling at nu sentral. nice. with nad pia pari bayah shazwan.

Friday, November 20, 2015


joven storage water heater repair
thermostat - rm90
heating element - rm100
thermal fius - rm20
consultation charges - rm60
since i have hard times searching for references... i share this to the world.
and so with others stuff i share :)

joven needs to train their call centre better, but the technician is good.

ooh.. 4 tyres of silverstone with 185 (can i call it size? cant remember) for myvi = rm152 per tyre
but i got to trade in the yokohama tyres for rm60 all 4. for 175 size - its cheaper.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

car workshop

realstuffautomobile- car workshop. been there twice for aircond problem and water pump. good check. for aircond - thank god it is not compressor. it is only aircond magnetic clutch. ori around rm220. i paid for used spare part for rm100 including labour. for new water pump - rm130 include labour.
so far i think the charges is cheap and the service is good. the workshop is within PJCC - PJS 5.